How the web2jobs Project works

The web2jobs Project has been designed to address the fundamental issue affecting many older workers across the EU with adverse economic conditions affecting jobs and security of many older workers combined with the technical evolution of social media and technology that has left many older people at a disadvantage in the job market.

The web2jobs Project will focus on the realisation that 80% of jobs are acquired through a combination of social media and networking and that training and support needs to keep pace with the increasing technological changes in employability and career development.

By addressing the skills gap that some older teachers and trainers face, employability provision and employability providers will be more confident and have the skill set to embrace embedding the use of social media in employability programmes.

The web2jobs Project will design and deliver a tailored training programme using a blended learning approach that is ideally suited to the target groups and fully accommodates any skills barriers.  It will deliver a state of the art open source social media platform with learning modules delivered in 8 EU languages and through a range of Web 2.0 interactive applications

Planned Outcomes

  •      An open source VLE platform for programme delivery in 8 EU languages
  •      A set of on-line tools to support key elements of the learning modules
  •      An e-repository of resources for employability and redeployment, mapped to the pedagogical framework
  •      Guidance materials for the integrating of social media applications into existing employability provision
  •      Case studies of contrasting implementations and exemplars of best practice.