The web2jobs project consortium has been chosen to provide a diverse range of expertise from like-minded professional organisations. Each partner in the consortium has been chosen for their specialist areas of expertise, understanding of the digital agenda and also for their access to VET trainers, adult educators and older learners.

w2wlogo1The consortium comprises partners from the UK (Apricot Training Management); Italy (Consorzio per il Sistema Informativo Piemonte); Poland (Spoleczna Akademia Nauk); Netherlands (Open Universiteit Nederland); France (ORT-France); Spain (Fundacion Universidad Empresa da la Region de Murcia); Romania (Asociatia Pentru Educatie Permanenta in Mediul Rural) and Turkey (Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi).

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UK Apricot Training Management (Apricot)

Apricot is an independent not-for-profit company that assists companies, organisations and individuals to grow through learning,apricot training and development. Working with a wide range of private, public and third sector organisations, Apricot designs and delivers training, employability, outplacement and enterprise services.  The company has a talented multi-disciplinary team which believes in working with individuals and organisation to bring fresh innovative ideas to the workplace.


Limehurst House, Bridge Street
Loughborough, LE11 1NH, UK
Tel:  +441509643380

Italy Consorzio per il Sistema Informativo Piemonte (CSI-Piemonte)

The Consortium for Information Systems Piemonte (CSI Piemonte) is one of the largest information and technology agencies incsi Italy. CSI specialises in designing and developing innovative public services to streamline interaction with public administration and develop optimised processes to support the delivery and effectiveness of public services.

CSI is committed to providing vocational learning strategies and the design, development and management of learning activities and training systems with emphasis on ICT-based innovation (digital learning, mobile apps and gamification).


216, Corso Unione Sovietica
10134, Torino, ITALY
Tel: +390113168111

Poland Spoleczna Akademia Nauk Lodz (SAN)

Spoleczna Akademia Nauk (SAN) is one of the leading private universities in Poland. Delivering programmes to 20,000 students Polthrough 21 Academic Departments.

SAN is also a major institution for persistent adult education (LLL) offering a range of courses to adult learners across Poland. Through the Polish Open Academy SAN also delivers study programmes and extension courses and are a centre for methodology, technology and deliver of eLearning.

Located in central Poland SAN Lodz works with 30 international Universities and is currently delivering over 40 international projects including innovative management concepts of knowledge transfer to elderly people and projects designed to promote economic activity for 50+ adults.


ul.Sienkiewicza 9
90-113, Łódź, POLAND
Tel: +48426642278

Netherlands Open Universiteit Nederland – Welten Institute (OU-NL) 

The Welten Institute, Research Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology is part of The Open University of the Netherlands 

1specialising in networked learning and social media, mobile learning and learning analysis.   It focuses on improving the quality of education by educational research that is scientifically of excellent quality and at the same time practically oriented.

Based in Heerlen in the South East of the Netherlands the Open University, founded in 1984, is one of 14 Dutch universities offering 6 bachelor and 13 Masters programmes to 20,000 students.


Welten Institute, Research Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology,
Open University of the Netherlands,
Valkenburgerweg 177,
PO Box 2960 6401 DL Heerlen, NETHERLANDS

France ORT Innovation (ORT)

ORT France is a not for profit organisation specialising in education and training. ORT France is part of Ort World, the largest non-2governmental education and training organisation in the world. ORT Innovation specialises in developing innovative education solutions for schools and training centres. Recent developments include immersive vocational training and social network collaborative classwork.

Recent work conducted by ORT Innovation includes; Gaming and learning alliance, advanced training environments for crisis scenarios, intelligent cognitive based open learning systems and enhanced learning experience and knowledge transfer programmes.


10 villa d’Eylau – 44 av. Victor Hugo
75116 Paris, FRANCE
Tel: +01 44 173080

Fundacion Universidad Empresa da la Region de Murcia (FUERM)

The Foundation University Enterprise of the Region of Murcia (FUERM), Spain is a non-profit making institution backed by the two state regional universities, the regional government, chamber of commerce, business organizations, the main regional banks as well as the most important regional companies. 3 The main aim of the institution is to make the link between the university and the regional companies to promote and develop exchange and communication between the University and the world of business.

The main areas of activity of FUERM are the following: ENAE Business School with a vast training offer at Master level related with business administration; Business research and innovation department: Promoting collaboration between the worlds of science, production and technology of Murcia. Within this department, there is an International Area with a vast experience working in EU programmes; Business start-up: Promoting business and enterprise culture; Employment service: Helping unemployed people to incorporate into the labour market. FUERM is an associated centre of the Regional Public Employment Service.


No. 13, EDIF.ENAE Campus Universitario de Espinardo, Murcia
G-30164099, Murcia, SPAIN
Tel: +34968364136

Omania Asociatia Pentru Educatie Permanenta in Mediul Rural (AEPMR)

The Association for Lifelong Learning in Rural Areas (AEPMR) is a non-Governmental organisation based in Braila, its mission is to 5increase the number of citizens of rural areas accessing and benefiting from lifelong learning opportunities.

AEPMR organises training courses, seminars, public debates and manifestos and provides counselling and consultancy to those parties interested in human rights, civic awareness and lifelong learning.


Str. Principala nr. 23,  Sat Varsatura, com. Chiscani
JUD Braila, 817027, ROMANIA
Tel: +40 31 437 01489

Turkey Karadeniz Technical University (KTU)

The Karadeniz Technical University (KTU) is the fourth University in Turkey, the first outside Ankara and Istanbul. KTU has 3bilateral agreements with 130 Universities in 23 countries and delivers a large number of EU, Grundtwig and Youth projects.

With a diverse cultural and student base and a reputation for hosting innovative conferences and congresses KTU plays a significant role in VET education in Turkey through 10 vocational high schools and an established teacher training facility delivering open and distance learning provision. KTU serves a wide geographical region with 18 faculties, 1 conservatory, 4 schools, 10 vocational schools, 5 institutes and 16 research centres.

61080, Trabzon, TÜRKIYE
Tel: +904623773000